Kinoprogramm am 2.11.2018

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01.11. Donnerstag

14:00Nabbin + Sentenced to Death
17:30And Arnaud + Down Escalation + Denisa, a Story of a Friend
22:15Oro blanco + Was kostet die Welt

02.11. Freitag

14:00All inclusive + Die Frist
17:30Narrating Hebron + Ikea for YU
20:00Lord of the Toys
22:15The Juggler + Phoenix

03.11. Samstag

11:00Cinema Morocco
14:00Per tutta la vita + Una primavera
17:30Daughter's Mother + Open to the public
20:00The Thwarted + Transit – Georg Korner at Work + Paper Land
22:15Herakles + Wodaabe – Die Hirten der Sonne + Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

04.11. Sonntag

11:00Roughhouse + Living the Light – Robby Müller +
14:00Hearths + The Call + The Cure
17:30All Creatures Welcome
20:00Weekend + Der Stein zum Leben

06.11. Dienstag

19:30Return to Afghanistan – Die vielen Gesichter von Flucht und Migration
22:00Touch me not

07.11. Mittwoch

20:00Gegenwehr ohne Grenzen

10.11. Samstag

19:00The Last Laugh | mit Regiegespräch
22:00Touch me not

11.11. Sonntag

19:00Touch me not

13.11. Dienstag

22:00Touch me not

14.11. Mittwoch

22:00Touch me not

20.11. Dienstag


21.11. Mittwoch


22.11. Donnerstag

20:00Die Gentrifizierung bin ich. Beichte eines Finsterlings.

25.11. Sonntag

19:00Die Gentrifizierung bin ich. Beichte eines Finsterlings.

27.11. Dienstag

22:00Die Gentrifizierung bin ich. Beichte eines Finsterlings.

28.11. Mittwoch

20:00Die Gentrifizierung bin ich. Beichte eines Finsterlings.

29.11. Donnerstag

20:00One Year in Germany - Ein Freiwilligendienst in Deutschland
22:00Die Gentrifizierung bin ich. Beichte eines Finsterlings.

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Zane Oborenko
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All inclusive + Die Frist All inclusive + Die Frist
  • 2.11.2018die naTo

All inclusive + Die Frist

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 88 min

All inclusive
Dir: Corina Schwingruber Ilić, Switzerland 2018, Documentary Film, 10 min, without dialogue

In times of terror and blue algae, cruises have replaced the holiday resorts in Antalya and the Costa Brava as the perfect travel destination for package tourists. The ships move across the global seas like floating cities and the never-ending spectacle aboard makes shore excursions almost redundant.

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Narrating Hebron + Ikea for YU Narrating Hebron + Ikea for YU
  • 2.11.2018die naTo

Narrating Hebron + Ikea for YU

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 83 min

Narrating Hebron
Dir: Viktoria Bayer, Palestinian territories, Israel, Austria 2017, Documentary Film, 21 min, English with English subtitles

History is created by the person who tells it. And there are many different ways of telling it.

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Lord of the Toys Lord of the Toys
  • 2.11.2018die naTo

Lord of the Toys

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 95 min

Lord of the Toys
Dir: Pablo Ben Yakov Croatia, Germany 2018, Documentary Film, 95 min, German with English subtitles

Statement der Cinémathèque Leipzig zum Film:

Gehört LORD OF THE TOYS ins Programm der Cinémathèque? Nein. Gehört der Film ins Programm der Dokwoche? Ja.

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The Juggler +  Phoenix The Juggler +  Phoenix
  • 2.11.2018die naTo

The Juggler + Phoenix

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 80 min

The Juggler
Dir: Skirmanta Jakaitė, Lithuania, France 2018, Animated Film, 11min, English without subtitles

In juggling the flying objects seem connected by an invisible thread; the same kind on which these stories are threaded, in which someone strings pinned spiders in a chain, someone else is carried through a dark forest in a box. Then there is the strand of muscles and intestines from which flows a red scarf that a girl wears round her neck.

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