Kinoprogramm am 1.11.2018

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So bald wie möglich sind wir wieder für euch da...

Passt derweil gut auf euch und andere auf, bleibt gesund und cinephil!

Eure Cinémathèque


Nabbin + Sentenced to Death Nabbin + Sentenced to Death
  • 1.11.2018die naTo

Nabbin + Sentenced to Death

DOK Leipzig 2018

78 min

Dir: Kat Tolkovsky, Czech Republic 2018, Documentary Film, 30 min, Czech with English subtitles

After years in Israel the filmmaker returns to Nabbin in Czechia, the place where she grew up, the people among whom she once moved, back to ribald heartiness and houses with crumbling plaster. Behind the facades children crawl across tattered carpeting, there’s a lot of drinking and a little introspection, until real and hallucinated voices are indistinguishable.

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And Arnaud +  Down Escalation + Denisa, a Story of a Friend And Arnaud +  Down Escalation + Denisa, a Story of a Friend
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And Arnaud + Down Escalation + Denisa, a Story of a Friend

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 86 min

And Arnaud
Dir: Thomas Damas, Belgium 2018, Documentary Film, 25 min, French with English subtitles

What’s wrong with Arnaud, Thomas Damas wonders, as he is making a film with and about his alcoholic brother. The camera is meant to help him point out things.

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Stress Stress
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DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 83 min

Dir: Florian Baron, Germany 2018, Documentary Film, 83 min, English with German subtitles

The trauma of 9/11, the ideology of violent retribution, military service as a patriotic family tradition, the “unfairness” of today’s warfare – in their voice-overs, five young Afghanistan war veterans first establish familiar foundations. Joe, Torrie, Mike, James and Justin from Pittsburgh are slow to show us their faces.

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Oro blanco + Was kostet die Welt Oro blanco + Was kostet die Welt
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Oro blanco + Was kostet die Welt

DOK Leipzig 2018

2018, 114 min

Oro blanco
Dir: Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez, Germany, Argentina 2018, Documentary Film, 23 min, Spanish with German subtitles

The vast expanses of the salt deserts in north-western Argentina hold one of the largest lithium deposits in the world. International corporations are mining the “white gold”, depriving the indigenous people, who breed llamas and do traditional salt-mining for a living, of the precious ground water.

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