Kinoprogramm am 30.10.2018

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07.02. Freitag

20:00A Tale of Two Islands & Die Haut und die Knochen

09.02. Sonntag

19:00Es geschah am hellichten Tag
21:30Die Wache

10.02. Montag

19:00The Pledge
21:30Die Wache

11.02. Dienstag

19:00Welcome to Sodom I mit Diskussion
22:00Die Wache

12.02. Mittwoch

19:00Confucian Dream mit Filmgespräch

13.02. Donnerstag

18:00Up the Mountain
20:30Our Time Machine mit Filmgespräch

14.02. Freitag

17:00A First Farewell
19:00A Woman is a Woman
20:00Above Them the World Beyond & Nightfall
21:0024th Street

15.02. Samstag

19:00Buddha in Africa
21:00Wild Goose Lake

18.02. Dienstag

19:00Die Wache
21:00Es geschah am hellichten Tag

19.02. Mittwoch

19:00Die Wache
21:00The Pledge

20.02. Donnerstag

19:00Die Wütenden
21:00Varda par Agnès

23.02. Sonntag

19:00Die Wütenden
21:00Varda par Agnès

24.02. Montag

19:00Die Wütenden
21:00Varda par Agnès

25.02. Dienstag

19:00Varda par Agnès
21:30Die Wütenden

26.02. Mittwoch

19:00Varda par Agnès
21:30Die Wütenden

27.02. Donnerstag

19:00Little Women
20:00The Story of Milk and Honey & Conference of the Birds
21:45Die Wütenden




Wir haben jetzt eine zweite Veranstaltungsstätte!

INTERIM der Cinémathèque Leipzig

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Short Animated Films 1 Short Animated Films 1
  • Di 30.10. 14:00die naTo

Short Animated Films 1

DOK Leipzig 2018

73 min


Dir: Santaigo Pérez Rodríguez, Belgium 2018, Animated Film, 3 min, without dialogue

Nowadays, fauna and flora are inextricably entangled with the industry. A small movement study as a serious but tongue-in-cheek parable on Muybridge’s pioneering work with the “moving” image.

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Mom’s Clothes + Out Mom’s Clothes + Out
  • Di 30.10. 17:30die naTo

Mom’s Clothes + Out

DOK Leipzig 2018

69 min

Mom's Clothes
Dir: Jodan Wong, USA 2018, Animated Film, 5 min, English

Navigating between different forms of intimacy and gender took him longer: as a queer and coloured person one stands out even in Jordan Wong’s native city of San Francisco. Wong’s reflections about his and his mother’s life find a visual counterpoint in animated textiles.

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New German Animation 1 New German Animation 1
  • Di 30.10. 20:00die naTo

New German Animation 1

DOK Leipzig 2018

64 min

Rules of Play
Dir: Merlin Flügel, Germany 2018, Animated Film, 8 min, without dialogue

There are many rules and we don’t understand all of them. The main rule is clear, though: it’s life or death.

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New German Animation 2 New German Animation 2
  • Di 30.10. 22:15die naTo

New German Animation 2

DOK Leipzig 2018

53 min

The Big Rip
Dir: David Buob, Germany 2018, Animated Film, 9 min, English without subtitles

The origin and decline of humanity as a happy galactic and crowded picture with offscreen doomsayers. A tribute to the radical pessimist Philipp Mainländer (1841–1876).

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