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    die naTo

Nordisk Panorama: Dänemark

Nachlese des 14. Filmfest Dresden 2002

0 min

Ernst and the light
Tomas Villum Jensen, Anders Thomas Jensen, Dk 1996, Fiction, 11 min, OmeU
Ernst is a flashy salesman itching to get home to his girlfriend from a business trip. He is totally absorbed in his own little life and the problems he's having with his cellular phone, and indifferent to what has flabbergasted the rest of the world: a strange light has passed over the globe that night. Then his red sportscar concks out . A mysterious hitchhiker with some most peculiar talents pops up and announces to Ernst that he is the Son of God and has come to save the world. Ernst, totally unimpressed, has been chosen as his disciple....

Kristian Bundgaard, Bo Mikkelsen, Dk 1999, Animation, 3 min, o.D.
An animated film produced by scanning and without any form of digital manipulation. The idea has been to draw the analogue and the happenstance into computer animation, in such a way that what is perfect and controlled is pushed into the background.

Jesper Fabricius, DK 1999, Experimantal, 10 min, o.D.A random sampling of architectural fragments viewed within a compressed time frame - houses, buildings, a tent, a bridge, in erratic exposures. Simple and poetic.

Karin Westerlund, DK 2001, Dok, 12 min, OmeU
Karin Westerlund pays a visit to her favourite place: the bathing facility, Helgoland.

Sunday in the Park
Teis Dyekjær-Hansen, DK 2000, Animation, 4 min
It's Sunday morning in the park. The sun is shining, the children are playing, the pigeons are cooing and a man in a straw hat sits down at a table and orders a cup of coffee. Everything is just the way we want to see the world: in order and in perspective. But are things really that way? Is everything peaceful and quiet? Not on this particular Sunday in the park, when the animator decides to forget about the rules of perspective and logic.

Election Night
Anders Thomas Jensen, Dk 1998, Fiction, 12 min, OmeU
Peter, a young idealist, one evening suddenly remembers that he has forgotten to give his vote. He jumps into a cab, and on his way to the polls - a race against time - he is introduced to a number of taxidrivers who all hold very strong opinions and ideologies of the human race. Peter has to face the choise whether to defend his beliefs or to get to the polls in time.

Another Blue Day
Anne Heeno, DK 2001, Fiction, 16 min, OmeU
A man and a woman intend to commit suicide. By accident, the two people meet one early morning on a bridge that crosses a highway.

The phone to the left
Kristjan Møller, DK 2001, Animation, 5 min, OmeU
Tilmann is a police officer and he is always given the unpleasant job of informing relatives when an accident occurs. Tilmann gets more and more depressed by being the bearer of bad tidings. But fortunately there is somebody who is able to see his qualities

And suddenly nothing else mattered
Esben Larsen, DK 2001, Fiction, 16 min, OmeU
Two friends drift about in the city streets and spend time in coffee bars. Their interests are women and sharwama ... And then there is this talk of a peculiar little movie about two dogs mesmerized by a tennis ball.

Lief zuletzt im April 2002

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