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  • 23.04.2002
    die naTo

Indiestory - Ein Südkorea Special (Programm II)Indiestory - Ein Südkorea Special (II)

Nachlese des 14. Filmfest Dresden 2002

Südkorea 99-2001, 95 min

The Sunflower - Hae Bal Ah Ki
JU Jae-hyung, Korea 1999, Animation, 16 min, o.D.
A sunflower stands on a field in the warm sunshine. One day, a giant pillar rises out of the ground and blocks the sunlight. Sunflower seeds open their eyes and fly out from the flower and turn into red birds. They fly over the pillar and sit on it. The last bird falls and a new sunflower grows there.
Now the sunflower stands in the warm sunshine again.

JOH Sung-yeon, Korea/USA 2000, Animation, 5 min, engl. Dialog
A fairy tale based on a grandmother's life experience in Japanese occupied Korea during WWII. She was forced to endure the effects of a deluge of pro-Japanese propaganda. But she found ways to honor the beauty in her Korean soul.

Plan 19 from Outer Space
MIN Dong-hyun, Korea 2001, Fiction, 15 min, OmeU
Three boys on bike are chased after by the big bullies in the neighborhood. By chance, they hide out in an empty factory in ruins, which is actually the aliens' hideout for conspiring to take over Earth. Now, it's the three boys' job to save the Earth. But first, how will they escape from the aliens?

CHUNG Hyun, Korea 1999, Animation, 7 min, o.D.
A boy in the subway suddenly finds himself in a labyrinth of strange shapes and colors all patterned after the passengers. The boy tries to escape but...

No Guitarist on 'Koong Koong Ttak' Planet
CHOI Hwa-jin, Korea 2000, Fiction, 16 min, OmeU
Seung-gil dreams of becoming a great guitarist, but in all seriousness, he lacks talent. He plays in his head as if he truly were great. In a small attic behind his room, he hides from his father and sneaks in private guitar sessions. But after finding that Seung-gil isn't studying, his angry father breaks his guitar. The despondent Seung-gil, gazes out the window when a strange ball flies into the room. As the ball bounces, musical notes ring out instead of the normal sound of balls. He is then transported to a far away planet called 'Koong Koong Ttak' where there is a rock band in need of guitarist.

Killing Dance
CHANG Woo-jin, Korea 1999, Animation, 10 min, o.D.
An animated film using 3D computer graphics. A stone, water and a tree are animated to represent man before civilization. Their encounter with a light bulb opens new horizons and metamorphosis for the group. This film is an allegory which depicts the marriage between nature and science.

WON Jong-du/SUN Hwan-young, Korea 1999, Fiction, 8 min, Dialog mit eingespr. Üb.
After being awaken by a phone call, K gives up trying to fall back asleep. Gun in hand, K goes outside. What he sees reminds him of something he has seen before. Homeless people, junkies, excrement - he is consumed by disgust and hatred. Is K dreaming now?

KIM Hyuk-bum/YUN Yeo-dong, Korea 2000, Animation, 7 min, o.D.
He lives inside a cuckoo's clock. His job is to dispatch the cuckoo bird every day at the right time. Then one day, an accident occurs unexpectedly and he is dispatched instead of the cuckoo bird...

Lief zuletzt im April 2002

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