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Indiestory - Ein Südkorea Special (Programm I)Indiestory - Ein Südkorea Special (I)

Nachlese des 14. Filmfest Dresden 2002

Südkorea 1996-01, 90 min

Daddy and I - Abbahago Nahago
KIM Eun-soo, Korea 1999, Animation, 7 min, OmeU
A sexually abused child transports herself into a fantastic place withn her mind to escape her terrible ordeal.

Hide and Seek - Suem ba gkok gill
KWEON Il-soon , Korea 2001, Fiction, 18 min, OmeU
One day, a little kid wakes up and finds out his mother's not home.
He waits patiently for his mother to return even though the neighborhood women gossip about the child's abusive father. And a cold and shocking reality awaits the innocent child.

JEON Young-chan, Korea 2001, Animation, 4 min, o.D.
A boy is falling from the parapet of the roof. The moment his head almost reaches to the ground, the world around him stops. Then the world is turning to a whole new world...

Tuning in Silence - Noh-Wul-So-ri
HONG Doo-hyun, Korea 2001, Fiction, 18 min, OmeU
Jee-min is a deaf boy who lives with his mother in a redevelopment area. He lives in silence but he can perceive the movement of things through their vibration, and gazes at the world around him full of curiosity. One day he follows a kite cut off from the string, and comes to wander in the middle of downtown. Through his encounter with the world, he finally finds his own way to feel sound.

I'm Sorry - Mian Hae
Oh Jeoum-kyun, Korea 1996, Fiction, 16min, o.D.
Hyun-jin, 6-years-old and his sister Sae-young, 4-years-old, fight all the time for parent's love, foods, toys and so on.
It is Hyun-jin who uses power to snatch things from Sae-young. But when Hyun-jin makes a mistake to be in tight coner, their relationship ruling by his power totally reverses.

One Good Day - Un Nyun Yi
YOO Jin-hee, Korea 2000, Animation, 7 min, OmeU
One Good Day is about a rascal girl created out of the author's childhood memories.
She runs away from home afraid of the scolding she'd get for breaking the rice jar; she soon forgets the whole thing and sets out on another one of her misadventures. The film relies on images painted on individual glass panels which bring sumptuous life to the gentle rural landscape.

BLINK - Mang Mak
KIM Eun-kyung, Korea 2000, Fiction, 9 min, OmeU
Blink is a story of a mother, who make a living by assembling dolls, and her daughter. The daughter wants to play with these dolls but the mother doesn't allow it. The child's desire to have the doll results in scene of death.

Cotton Candy
BOO Sung-chul, Korea 2000, Fiction, 8 min, OmeU
Einem kleinen Mädchen in einer langweiligen Provinzstadt ist am Weihnachtsmorgen schrecklich langweilig. Plötzlich verspürt sich ein Verlangen nach Cotton Candy -

Lief zuletzt im April 2002

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