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  • 26.04.2005
    die naTo

Cop Festival ReloadedZoku Deka Matsuri

NIPPON CONNECTION ON TOUR - 4. Japanische Filmtage

Japan 2004, OmeU, 85 min, Regie: diverse

Ozawa, Suzuki Kosuke, Honda Ryuichi, Fujita Hideyuki, Sato Sakichi, Koizumi Tokuhiro, Shinozaki Makoto, Yamaguchi Yudai, Japan, 85 min, OmeU
Previously on Cop Festival: numerous Japanese filmmakers have contributed shorts to the Cop Festival project. Each of them had to follow three simple Dogme-type rules: (i) The protagonist must be a cop; (ii) Maximum running time of ten minutes; and (iii) There must be at least one gag per minute. The films made to date have been assembled into four compilations, each of them screened with astonishing success in independent cinemas in Japan. A fifth compilation is taking shape as we speak. A preliminary selection from the project had its international premiere in VIFF last year. The films had to be translated live and the show was fairly chaotic. But Cop Festival programs were subsequently invited to festivals in other countries. Now, there's more, and this time they're subtitled:

True Report of Kitty Cop by Ozawa. A heavily armed policewoman pursues a thief across an Old West theme park.

Hairwig and the Angry Cop by Suzuki Kosuke. Is this a parody of something?

Love Juice Cop by Honda Ryuichi. This woman cop has a very secret weapon. Adults only.

Days with Kura-san by Fujita Hideyuki. The love between a rookie cop and his mentor reaches its limit.

Ultramaso Cop by Sato Sakichi. Ultramaso Cop versus Alien Gozu, by the screenwriter of Ichi the Killer and Gozu. Guest-starring Miike Takashi as Alien Gozu!

Detective Queue by Koizumi Tokuhiro. Everyone queues up for this cop... including suspects.

Lief zuletzt im April 2005